Five sublime spots to catch Kampala’s skyline

(Craft It’s new foreign correspondent in Kampala)

#1. Box
You will do a daunting climb to the height of this building to watch the scenery of brown roofs and muddy walkways in the depths of the Kivulu slums. There’s an apology on the ground floor for those who want elevators: None exists.

This is Mary Stuart Hall at Makerere University.

I discovered this spot on its eighth floor when I went benching during my days at campus. My mission failed so I walked up the steps and stood at the open space overlooking the low end of Old Kampala.

It saved me from feeling like a lemon.

#2. Seven Hills
High up that tall and serene structure of concrete and steel is a tranquil spot; it’s a little rough on the soles for grip and has moss growing at its extreme edges. This is the 13th floor of the Sheraton Kampala.

This is the ultimate locale for viewing the Kampala skyline.

Serve a glass of wine, pick it up by its stem and sip it down as you hold your babe’s pinky. Let your eyes run wild.

Then pull out a ring and go on one knee. If she says no, please, don’t jump off the building.

#3. Mulago Hill
When you find yourself lost in thoughts and wondering why life hits you with cockroaches and bedbugs, why shit always seems to happen to you and no one cares, walk to Mulago hill. If you have never watched the sunrise or sunset, this is the spot for you.

Please don’t tell me those things of watching the sun are for Bazungu. Nedda! We are people too.

You need the sun’s healing? This is where you go. You want to see the trees and lights of Kololo and Nakasero in their element? This is your spot.

Grab it.

#4. Mapeera House
The name Mapeera always makes me want to eat guavas. Every time I walk outside this building, I get the aroma of yellow and green guavas wafting from the walls.

The beauty of this building – aside from its cool ambience – is the Kampala view when you make it inside, which requires some tact.

Here’s the trick: Make friends with anyone who works with Centenary Bank or with a Catholic who works in the building.

If you don’t get lost inside and you survive to the point of looking out through any window, it’ll blow your mind off.

#5. Mutungo Hill
There is a place called Biina in Mutungo. Back when my Luganda was weak (still is), I used to think it meant “ass”. I wondered why anyone would give a place such a rotten name. A friend later told me what I was thinking about is written as “Bina”, with one ‘i’.

In my embarrassment, I climbed up the hill and looked at the cloudlines. It was illuminating love and I thought, My God! I could watch this all my life.

It’s fresh, away from the chaos of the city and gives a therapeutic view of Kampala.

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