The Last Dance

As though I haven’t talked about my people enough already, here’s another eye-rolling reminder that I am married to a man whose moniker in my stories is GB.  We have two children, Muna is seven and is in grade one.  Njeeh is two, he’s now wearing Spiderman underwear and is

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Njeeh is born

It is 1a.m when I text my girls and my family group on WhatsApp: I am in labour. Headed to hosi. Pray for us. Today is September 4, 2020. A Friday. There is still a country-wide curfew here in Kenya, because of Covid-19 – Government said that everyone should be

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Dial my heart

My word of the year in 2020 and 2021 was ‘start again’. I recall, it was early January 2020 and I was about eight weeks preggers with our son Njeeh when I settled on this word – rather, phrase – as my guiding principle for the year. These words would

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Lessons from the pump

BY BETT One of the things they don’t tell you you will be doing a great deal of as a new mum is expressing your breast milk. Yeah, sitting down with a breast pump and emptying your breast milk into a bottle.  There is something undeniably primitive and animalistic about

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Early days: a Diary

BY BETT Sunday 6 September 2020. 2147hours Muna came to the hospital earlier this afternoon. She came to see me and to meet Njeeh. Big sister, baby brother – my daughter meeting my son, that’s something of a solar eclipse. There was no one I was more excited for to

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He came

BY BETT Well, he came. Our son came. I am writing this from my bed, my back propped against pillows on the headboard. He breaths in steady and deep in his bassinet next to me, I can tell he is dreaming. I spent copious amounts of my afternoon moisturizing him

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Should I?
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