Kampala radio: Five shows you must catch on Sanyu FM


#1. Neo Soul Wednesdays
On the evening of that Wednesday, just after 9p.m., I stepped into the elevator of Rwenzori House and pressed the button to ground floor.  My brain felt like a punch.

I plugged in my earphones and tuned to Sanyu FM.

It was Erykah Badu on the other end of the radio. That was my introduction to this show. And it was all I needed for company on my way home.

It’s a soothing one-hour show, from 9 to 10 p.m. And it’s embedded in The Love Zone, a show that’s  filled with relationship storms and lightening.

#2. Alive and Kicking
Fatboy is a philosopher. (Yep, the guy studied Philosophy.) He’s a gaming enthusiast and an atheist. Hold up, don’t judge him by his beliefs just yet.

His views are rough and uncut. They come off with spikes, knives and lemon juice in a wound. His humor kills off the lights. Some of his opinions have caused an uproar on social media. It’s show business and he knows how to handle it.

The guy doesn’t believe in marriage.

Fatboy is a hook and bait – his shows are always ablaze.

Alive and Kicking on Saturday morning is lit.

#3. Celeb Select
Her name is Crystal. She’s a nurturer. She hosts The Drive (on weekdays) and The Hit Selector (a Saturday afternoon request show). The hooking twist came in when she started interviewing celebrities.

That’s where the spark lies.

Everyone has a story and Crystal knows how to get it out of guests.

She takes them on their life’s journeys and leads them to swerve through muddy roads and thickets, forests and dark alleys. They share some of their struggles, fears, weaknesses and successes and at the end of the day, we see the humble human in that celebrity.

#4. Thirsty Thursdays
This is late night radio with adult content. No relationship and love issue is out of bounds.

Some are insanely silly and Stefan has to muster all his knowledge (with that of his listeners) to help the (mostly) anonymous sender.

Yesterday’s problem was sent through by a married woman who twerked for her husband’s friend. The man wants to spend some time with her again over the weekend, possibly for another twerk. Woman says doesn’t know what do. She needs help. (Blush.)

I’ll leave you to tune in to find out what else is on this show.

#5. The Home Stretch and Hot 8@8
I have a confession: I started listening to these two shows because the host has an alto voice and she sounds like Adele, the Adele who named her albums ‘19’, ‘21’ and ‘25’.

They run from 7 to 9 p.m., keep you company through the evening traffic and lead you to your door.

She’s bubbly and entertaining. I’m not writing this because I have a crush on her voice. And, to use Jeff Koinange’s word, she’s a Smoookin’ DJ (I heard).

She’s Franchesca, DJ XZYL (Read as ‘exile’).

How cool is that name?
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