Five stalls at the Kampala Cake Fair that piqued my brain

(Craft It’s new foreign correspondent in Kampala)

#1. OneRwak
It’s a synergy of skills and talents of siblings. They share a family name. One bakes, another designs. The others do many other things.

They came together to run a cake business.

Their cakes are like fireworks. You can’t take your eyes off them. When I got to their stall, there was no brochure. No business card.

What I found was a name. OneRwak. It got pinned to my heart.

Theirs is an experience of love, art and passion. The bubble gum flavour is a gem.

They run free cake promotions on social media. How cool is that!

#2. Charis Baking
You love cake. You are on a processed sugar free diet but the sight of the set-up is irresistible. Your girlfriends tell you, “Mukwano, take just one.”

They have led you into temptation. You blush and say, “F*&k it, I’ll have one. Emu.” Your evil friends clap and bring the plate to you.

“You have been served,” one says.

Of course, you have more than one. Sugar heights knock you out, distorting your diet plan.

Relax, it’s not over.

This is where Charis Baking comes in to save you. They bake eggless, dairy-free, gluten-free and margarine-free cakes.

#3. Absolutely Tasty (Since 2014)
Her name is Susan. She went to Engineering school. She bakes absolutely tasty cakes.

She smiles, a lot. I saw the glow of her smile from the back of her long Abuja weaves.

“It isn’t about engineering or baking,” she told me. “I chose to be both. Not one thing defines me.”

Absolutely Tasty cakes runs on the premise that good cake is an experience that people should remember for a long time. If it doesn’t do that, it’s a flop.

“Why ‘Since 2014’?”

“Because this is a brand that will stand the test of time.”

#4. Makula Candy Warehouse
She stood alone, blowing bubbles of candy in the air every kid wanted to catch them.

It started with a visit to a party in the UK. There was gourmet candy lined up at a table. They looked as sweet as they tasted.

She picked a seed, went home, slept and had a dream. When she came back home, she planted it, watered it and weeded it. It sprouted into a small candy tree, developed roots, a stem, and leaves.

It flowered.

She plucks candy off this tree and sells them on Facebook, her primary marketplace.

#5. Cake Album
A man in his mid-twenties called Martin runs this world, which he calls Cake Album. He is a salesman, an orator, a guy who lifts weights (of cakes and more).

“Every cake should tell a story,” he said. “That’s why I started baking.”

All his cakes have a theme: Nature, telecommunications or aviation. Tell him what you want and he will create it. It’s his job to make cake moments.

If it isn’t perfect, doesn’t flirt with your eyes, worth taking a picture of to share, then he’s failed. It’s a loss.

To him, cake is art.
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