Breaking bad

BY BETT KINYATTI Imagine you’re 25. You live in South B with your aunt because your folks retired to Naks and someone in the family had to stay behind to tend your raggedy millennial ass. Your siblings – two big sisters and a bro – are out of the country

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Foreplay is overrated

BY BETT KINYATTI Life’s best moments happen off of social media. Forget the dangling carrots they tease you with. Big-budget box office movies are shit. ‘Black Panther’. ‘The Lion King’… should I go on? The money in your pocket

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Keep the lights low

BY BETT KINYATTI I’m beginning to think we made a mistake in how we’re raising Muna. Of course there are several mistakes we’ve made before as parents. Some of them began since the time she was in my belly. The first mistake I recall making was have her

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Anatomy of a desk

BY BETT KINYATTI I’m writing this from Explorer, the bar in Kilimani. I’m seated in a corner – the only corner, it seems – that has an electric outlet. The DJ is right in front of me. As in, when I look up to think, it’s his shoulders that bomb

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That Kale chick

BY BETT KINYATTI I’m running in the mornings again. I’d forgotten how good I feel after an hour of a brisk run and stretches to warm up and warm down. God, I feel good! It’s like buoying in a post-coital bubble. Only better. I’m knackered but I’m not worn out,

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Back to basics

BY BETT KINYATTI I’ve been really struggling to write here. It isn’t a situation of a creative slump more than it is just plain old slack. I also got a new writing gig that’s taking the best of me. One has only a limited number of tight sentences in any

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Should I?
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