Newton’s Law

BY BETT KINYATTI Whenever someone on the street stops me and asks me that elusive question about passion, about whether it pays, whether us chicks have more chances at exploring its possibilities than dudes, whether someone’s age plays into the dynamics, I readily

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Weaver man

BY BETT KINYATTI There’s a secluded clearing of trees off James Gichuru Road. It sits in the valley of the road, where the dip from Westy and the dip from Lavi meet. You’ll find Charles Oyoko here – underneath the trees, the river behind him, going about his hand weaving

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Craft It takes it to YouTube

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI I got married early this month. On 3rd February. It was a Saturday, a gorgeous Saturday in this gorgeous Nairobi. As the bride, I had many worries and concerns before my Wedding Day. Concerns like,

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Mugethi and Mugzie’s Naturals

BY FLORENCE BETT “So your name is Mugethi Gitau?” “Yes.” “Spell that for me, please.” “M-U-G-E-T-H-I  G-I-T-A-U.” Great! And your brand is…? “Mugzie’s

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Nyambura and FunPatch Shoes

BY FLORENCE BETT I thought about Nyambura Thuo for several moments of several days before we met. About why she chose to make shoes. I thought about her so much it bordered on unhealthy. Thinking while going through my day, it was as if I were hypnotized or in a

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Wallace and Eden Leather

BY FLORENCE BETT MARCH ‘17 Wallace asked me to meet him at the gate of Toyota, the one on Church Road in Westy. We agreed to meet at 11.30AM. As I stood at that gate waiting for him to show, I felt in my bones the tingle of a being

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