Five why questions I’ve found answers to in my 30s


#1. Why must I complete my undergrad and graduate?
Because you want to be that guy who finishes the shit he starts. The guy who sees things through to the bitter end.

Ride or die.

Uni’s the first space where everyone – well, almost – has the option to quit an undergrad which doesn’t tickle their fancy. And you can, no one’s policing you.

But you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to start on a path that habits abandonment.

You don’t want to be the chap who quits halfway, when there’s restlessness brewing.

Stay to the end and fight.

#2. Why must I find God?
Because life will get difficult. It may not be difficult now but at some point down the road, it will. That’s how life is fashioned. As a season of sunshine then a season of storms.

You’re human. What you need to muscle through the storms – strength, wisdom, patience – will run to empty. The seasons of storms run them to empty.

It’s here that you ask God in humility, “Lord, I can’t do this on my own anymore. Help me.”

It’s only fair you first find God before you go to Him for help, no?

#3. Why must I have personal integrity?
Because you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder. That you don’t have to wonder when you’ll be called out for taking from someone else and keeping it for yourself.

You must do the right thing. Always. If not always then more often than not.

Life’s simpler that way.

Integrity births simplicity. And respect. And admiration. And your place at the table.

Integrity births class.

You’d rather live in peace with the little you’ve sweated for, than drown in worry with the excess you’ve looted.

#4. Why must I strive for sexual purity?
Because sex is a power. And when you screw someone you don’t love, sex turns into this ugly power that takes from you and keeps taking and taking and taking.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or chick, the power to take applies both ways but in different measure.

The greatest irony about this ugly power is that you’ll keep screwing this same person and looking to them to give back the purity they’ve taken. They won’t. Because they can’t.

So be choosy with who you let in.

Be selfish and old-fashioned.

#5. Why must I laugh?
Because it’s never really that serious. (Unless it’s a heart attack. Or taxes.)

Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re here for only a time – you may as well have some fun while at it.

So laugh. Laugh your ass off. Laugh like a child.

Laugh at your own jokes. Laugh at everyone’s jokes. Laugh at how hard you laugh.

Laugh when you can do it. Laugh when you can’t do it.

Laugh when you know how to. Laugh when you don’t know how to.

I never see anyone more beautiful than a person who laughs.

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