Sons and Daughters

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The most tiresome bunch of people you can ever hang with is new parents. Take my word for it, we are a stifling bore.

New parents are suspended in bubbles made up of isolated excitement, constant apprehension and baffling wonder about the newness of their life. In their life. Our kids create these bubbles for us, we clamber on then we reinforce them. It makes little sense to anyone who’s watching.

But while we’re up there, floating about in our little bubbles, we try to work through the dynamics of how we got up there in the first place. So we prattle on about being new parents and about our kids. About what they did and what they didn’t do and how we responded to them when they did or didn’t do what they did. Hehhe. We will show you their photos and video clips then more photos. We will write about them (ahem) at every turn. Then we will prattle on about them some more.

Exhausting, eh?

You don’t realize just how useful the stories we are sharing are until you become a parent yourself. Only then will you understand that to get through a new-parent fix, you will need to ask your pals how they muscled their way through it and got to the other side in one sane piece. Squint your eyes past the prattling and you’ll find gems in there.

Which brings me to what those 200 words are about:

I am running a Parenting mini-series for the next few weeks. One post, every Wednesday until the end of May. I have asked my pals with kids to weigh in and write me something to feature on here as guest posts. So expect a new voice every other week. Partnering also on this mini-series – decked out in his spiffy equipment – is resident photographer at The Silot.

Let’s get right into it.

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