Muna turned two

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI Muna has horrible morning breath. OK, I’m being dramatic. It’s not horrible, really, but it no longer has the innocence of a baby’s breath. It used to smell like grapes and pumpkin and milk when she was little, now it has the whiff of black pepper, shoe

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Socks and Sinners

BY FLORENCE BETT Muna is fearless when she’s around me. I love how that reads so I’ll go ahead and write it one more time, just to ward off some of the anxiety that comes with

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Thief in the Night

BY FLORENCE BETT I’ve had two miscarriages. Today, I’ll tell you about the first one. It happened in late March 2010. I was 25; I was a year into my first job as a financial auditor and

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BY FLORENCE BETT The first time my mother-in-law started to call me every day was when I was two days past my due date. I was at home idling as

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BY FLORENCE BETT I suspect that Muna doesn’t like me very much now. It’s absurd, I know. But she’s refused to refer to me as ‘Mummy’ or call me by anything that even mimics a real word. The only way she catches my attention is by

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Band night at Js

BY FLORENCE BETT After what feels like house arrest since the State of Emergency, you finally hit the nightclub. Your baby is a year and three months now. Which means she’s not a

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