Post Malone

BY BETT KINYATTI Muna started school last January. On the morning of her first day, GB, Nanny Viv and I

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And now, something, uhm, small to wrap up 2018

BY BETT KINYATTI We’ll all bawl our eyes out at preschool Muna goes to preschool in January, Inshallah. (Wait, with Matiangi’s curriculum withdrawn again, is it preschool, kindergarten or nursery? I don’t know. We’re throwing our kids into the black hole of an education system. I don’t know who we’ll

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This chick was a fox

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI The question you’d ask me is, “Bett, surely, if your nanny is going on leave for only two weeks, c’mon, si you can stay home for those two weeks and take care of Muna?” I could tell you that you’re insane and end the story here. Laugh

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Another thief in the night

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI I’ve had two miscarriages. I had the first one when I was 25. I was a year fresh out of campus and as naive as the next 25 year old is. I was still dating my campus boyfriend. When I have the second – at 32, in

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My ovaries have made me unequal to my man

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI I don’t know what feminism is about. At least not anymore. So much has been written about it lately that I’ve had to unlearn the little I was confident I had learned. I’m a student to feminism now, I’m at its feet waiting to learn from it

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Like a rodeo

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI You tell me that your toddler is old enough to reach the door handle and let herself into your bedroom every morning. I find that amusing. I imagine her clambering off her cot, easing herself between the little space of the snugly fitting mosquito net and the

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