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Hunt like a hungry lioness: A miniseries on Craft It about Nairobi’s creatives #3: LINDSAY DAWN ADHIAMBO: AH THIS, BODY ART Lindsay Dawn Adhiambo will make a canvas out of your skin if you let her. Take a look at yourself right now, c’mon. Look at the back of your

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Njoki of Mandevu Beard Care

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “What does a beard say about a man, Njoki?” “A beard gives a man character. It’s their style. It’s like their, I don’t know, their makeup. A man says something with his beard. That either I’m

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Mercy of Blue Anchor Creative

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “How has your mechanical engineering degree shaped your art? No no, before you answer that, what was your favourite class in school? “Did I really have one?” Mercy offers me a demure smile. “It was a roller coaster until the end. Maybe I can say I liked

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Benta of BagWorld Leather

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “Why did you choose to make bags, Benta?” “I’d wanted to continue with doing shoes but lack of good quality soles led me to making bags, that was the easier option for me. Cause everything was available in Kenya – the leather, these fittings, the accessories of

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Conversation With: Jazeera of Say It With Chocolate

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “What drives you, Jazeera?” “I’m afraid of being poor. I’m always afraid that I won’t have money in my pocket that’s why I work so hard. I know that sounds crazy but that’s my motto. We’ve been there as a family, we’ve been through bad times and

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Charity of Knotty Things

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “It was about 2014 when I started crocheting again,” says Charity. “Mum was unwell and I wanted to make her something to make her happy. Just… something. She’s the one who taught me how to crotchet when I was

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