S is for Spectacular

Remember a few weeks ago, when I told you that GB and I are embarking on an eating-better challenge? Remember the ‘Why?’ It’s because GB and I are both almost 40. Also because I regularly get crippling headaches that are caused by what I eat, GB’s ballooning weight is spiralling

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It Starts With A Broken Toaster

This all starts in late June 2020, you probably won’t remember what was happening in your life back then unless you look at a photo or something.  We are at home, we have just hired our new Help and I am a few months away from birthing our son. Our

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Give Me A Three

I want a baby, a third baby. I want the baby to be a girl so I can name her after my mother. I want to have her before I turn 40 next year, Inshallah, in October. After her, this third baby, I will peacefully close this chapter of birthing

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Life Lately

Happy Easter, my dear reader! Send me a smoke signal and tell me where you’re reading this from. I’m always curious to know who you are and what makes you tick, what your story is. I want to call you by your name. Me? I’ve not been having the best

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Letter to my 25-year-old self

Dear Bett, I am writing you from the future. You just turned 38 and life looks nothing like what you envision now at 25. Easy there, don’t kick up a fuss – you’re still blessed, just not in the way you imagined. You’re living a rich life now, not a

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What the Dog Saw

You know the story. On August 7, 1998, two Al Qaeda suicide bombers detonated a massive truck filled with explosives outside the US Embassy. At around the same time, at 10.30a.m., a similar bombing was happening in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Nairobi bombing recorded 213 deaths and thousands of

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Should I?
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