Newton’s Law

BY BETT KINYATTI Whenever someone on the street stops me and asks me that elusive question about passion, about whether it pays, whether us chicks have more chances at exploring its possibilities than dudes, whether someone’s age plays into the dynamics, I readily

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BY MIKE MUTHAKA “The machines are always out and about. If the team is nearby sometimes I’ll go and surprise them. I’ll buy them some nyama just to motivate them kidogo. But if they’re in desolate locations it doesn’t make sense, because I’ll have other things to do.” He always

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Conversation With: Jazeera of Say It With Chocolate

BY FLORENCE BETT-KINYATTI “What drives you, Jazeera?” “I’m afraid of being poor. I’m always afraid that I won’t have money in my pocket that’s why I work so hard. I know that sounds crazy but that’s my motto. We’ve been there as a family, we’ve been through bad times and

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Conversation with: A Street-smart Cab Driver

BY FLORENCE BETT Out of the entr’acte between sunset and darkness, when most of Nairobi is hunkered between the inevitable mature of what-now to what-next, I slink into the back seat of an Uber. It’s a Thursday, and I’m headed to Century Cinemax at the Junction on Ngong Road to

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