The bell has rung

Something beautiful happened after I finished writing my book. Heads up: I am going to talk to you so much about this book that you will get nauseated, ha-ha. You will want to put a sack over my head each time you see me opening my mouth to speak. ‘Bett,

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Let’s try this again

Truth is, I am scared. I am scared shitless. I come on to this site and I am scared about how eerie and abandoned it is. A cemetery where dreams have been eulogized and buried, where the wind blows between the gravestones in a howling whisper that chills me to

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Turn the lights on

BY BETT The downside to growing older is that you begin to get stuck in your ways. As though life is some form of quick-drying cement and time plants your feet firmly in it, forcing you to lay the groundwork for permanent residency there.  Routines, habits, familiarity; knowing exactly what

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The Gift and the Curse

BY BETT Two things: One: (I need to post this story but I’m truly struggling with the intro. I’ll fill it in later, after I’ve stringed my thoughts better together. I was saying something about Netflix and Castbox and Spotify. And how you can tell where people’s heads are at

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My salonist is killing me!

BY BETT The salon where I have my hair braided is your run of the mill kibanda salon.  There is no parking – basement, kanjo or otherwise. You park at the Catholic church nearby. 

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Dotted lines

BY BETT Folk get into romantic relationships not knowing how to read their partners.  This wouldn’t be a pain if we all had the cajones to use our words to express how we feel. But relationships, human relationships, are simply not measured and cut along such dotted lines. We are

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Should I?
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