This blog is about creativity. It is about writing. It is about creative writing. All else that follows is a direct consequence of this.

This blog has taught me many things, the most important being that writing well is a learned craft. As I write this, I am eight months only into giving writing the priority it deserves. Five of those months were spent in prepping this blog to start in April 2013.

That said, here is a tour of the blog’s categories:

My Mother and I
Last February, a local ad agency commissioned me to partner with them in a campaign for one of it’s clients. I was on board as a creative writer, generating content. My jobo was to send it two blog posts every week, 500 words long each, on stories about my Mum and me. The blog posts would be stories about me, my Mum and anything surrounding us.

The gig was to run for one year but the campaign folded way before then.

This category holds select pieces from the campaign. I have edited some elements of some of these pieces to align them to the narrative arc of the blog.

This series runs for three months to December 2015.

The Slush Pile
Back when I was making my pitch as a writer, I built my confidence by sending in my work to publishing houses. None of them were ever published. This category holds those unpublished manuscripts.

Also, work that I wrote before I started the blog, and makes the cut, falls in here.

I like this category because the work here carries several rookie mistakes I made without even realizing. Now that my eye is more experienced and my ear more reliable, I am able to point these mistakes out. And smile about it.

I have made an intro to each piece then given them the publishing rights that were robbed of them before they even breathed their first. Look at them, all dressed up with no place to go.

I thrive in being a critic.

The work I have published here is reviews for books, music singles and albums, and bands. I aim to grow this list as we go along.

I am keen to promote African literature so all the books I review will have been authored by African writers.

On Writing
Let’s get the reservations out of the way first: that title is not mine. It is Stephen King’s title to his memoir: On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft. I read it and liked it. Then I borrowed the title. I was crafty enough to slice it clean like an artist would and yes, I shall return it as soon as I am done with it.

This category covers work that falls in the ‘aiming and shooting at a mockingbird’ metaphor I used in the About page.

Guest posts
I invite you to feature on my blog as a guest writer /guest post.

Pen a 850-word piece on a topic of your choice; write what you like, write what you know. Write how you like, write how you know. Prose, no poetry.

Reach me on the Contact us page. Let the subject read ‘Guest post’.